Is Your Child’s School Gluten-Free Cooperative?

Doesn’t your child deserve to

Eat Safe in the one place they spend

over half of their time?



More Info

Here is a link from Udi’s Gluten Free Foods for the Top Ten Accommodating Colleges

Gluten Free School Programs Celiac Central

Gluten Free Dining School Dining Services Training through Celiac Central


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    No… they won’t even learn about it

  2. Thank the stars i don’t have school aged children i would not be very nice about a school not carrying to my child’s need

  3. Yeah, great cartoon!!!

  4. My daughter was in high school when she was diagnosed with Celiac disease. She went to the school asking for accommodations and at first they were not very helpful, but then my daughter said 3 little letters… ADA and that changed the schools tune. They allowed her to use the microwave in the teacher’s lounge to heat up the food she brought from home. They also started to look into other ways to help by offering a special menu for her.


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