Too Much Bad Food & My Body Went Splat

Whew, what a crazy last two weeks trying all the new products from Expo West and giving you the best of (what I saw) the best.  But it was indulging in the best and the worst for almost 2 weeks that made my body turn on me.

All through the expo and then after, I had many different tastes and textures in my mouth.   Some very interesting like: flavored vinegar water, Loren, or a protein bar made with cricket flour.  There were more items then I would like to think about that unfortunately I had to spit out.  I had Chocolate, oat granola, sugar sweet things, potato chips, fruit bars, organic baby food, non-GMO sauces, homemade pickles, strange meat products, and everything you can imagine in between.  Needless to say, my body actually broke down acidically.

During the weeks leading up to the Expo I was able to keep my ph balance 60/40 alkaline positive, sometimes higher.  But two days after the expo ended and the week-long taste testing began, my pH balance started to dip and neutralize more than normal.  By the beginning of last week it dipped to acidic (average pH 5.75), barely making it to 6.5 by the end of the night.  Despite doing everything I could to raise it, including eating two whole watermelons in two days (highest pH levels at 9.0.) trying to pump more alkaline into my system, nothing worked.

Do I say it’s the food? Yes I do.  Eating such a concentrated diet filled with so many packaged products left my body screaming to stop whatever I was doing and take a different route.  So, in hopes of raising my pH to at least 7.0 or higher this past week, I stopped taste testing and ate nothing but whole foods, vegetables and fruit.  Nothing processed, no boxed items, except some organic popcorn I popped myself.  Plenty of liquids, juicing everyday, no coffee or alcohol and I also started drinking out of my bathroom faucet.  Weird right?!  I know, it kind of is, especially since I rarely drink from the faucet unless I am in Chicago.  But after testing all the water in my house, including the five gallon jug I pay for every month, my bathroom water had the highest alkaline content at around 7.3.  All the other water tested didn’t even make it to neutral. Finally yesterday my pH hit 7.0.

After a week-long process of trying to neutralize all the free radicals storming my body, things are finally starting to get back to normal.  Though, there are some battle scars still left to heal.

The moral of this story, the lifestyle I usually live, is working just fine.  I eat real, whole food, fresh fruits, produce, juice and generally take care of myself: limiting intake from the inner grocery packaged food aisles.  Honestly, since I have been eating clean and paying attention to my ph levels, I have never felt better (minus the last two weeks).

For More Info on pHbalance got to:
Alkaline vs Acidic

Eat Healthy Be Happy



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