Why add Kale to your Diet? Here’s Why…


Kale is a wonder food. The green leafy bunch is chock full of vitamins, minerals and is even called the “queen of greens” It’s not bad being the queen. This green has more antioxidants than any other leafy green, has anti-inflammatory nutrients and anti-cancer nutrients. It helps fight aging with production of collagen keeping wrinkles at bay, cancer fighting, lowers cholesterol, helps maintain strong eyes, balances hormones, aids in weight loss because it is high in fiber, shinier hair… and the list goes on and on

Here is a breakdown of all the nutrients in Kale provided by Whole Foods:

Nutrients in Kale:

  • vitamin K 1327.6%
  • vitamin A 354.1%
  • vitamin C 88.8%
  • manganese 27%
  • fiber 10.4%
  • copper 10%
  • tryptophan 9.3%
  • calcium 9.3%
  • vitamin B6 9%
  • potassium8.4%
  • iron 6.5%
  • magnesium 5.8%
  • vitamin E 5.5%
  • omega-3 fats 5.4%
  • vitamin B 25.2%
  • protein 4.9%
  • vitamin B 14.6%
  • folate 4.2%
  • phosphorus 3.6%
  • vitamin B 33.2%
  • Calories (36)2%

As you can clearly see, there is every reason you should add more kale to your diet, it’s hard to get so much from just one vegetable but it does make life easier that way. My only advice is to buy organic when buying kale because it is high on the pesticide list when grown conventionally.

here are 16 Kale recipes by Cooking Light:

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