When pro-GMO Speakers Go Bad…


Check out the new blog post by Ken Roseboro, editor/publisher of The Organic & Non-GMO Report and The Non-GMO Sourcebook, Zero Tolerance for a Different Perspective on GMOs. Him and I came up against some pretty angry pro-GMO speakers at the recent IFT conference in Chicago. They not only outright lied, but were belligerent and rude. Wayne Parrott said, “GMO is completely safe & the organic people are making up stories and not telling the whole truth so GMO’s look worse than they are.” That was one of the more mild statements.

After the 3 speakers finished there was a Q & A, Ken asked questions in a very mild manner tone, refuting Mr. Chassy’s statistics and David Chassy lost his mind. In a complete rage, he literally dismissed Ken with his hand like a 5 year old calling him “ignorant”, spouting, “the organic community are terrorists and fear mongers.” Needless to say that was just the beginning of his useless rant and he seriously needed a time out.

It’s a very interesting read…



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