WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF SUCCESS? Only You Can Decide… a message to a friend

This is for a friend of mine who needs to know how far they’ve come and to always believe in yourself. Fear is a state of mind that can always be changed…


You can’t fight fate  but you can figure out a formula to fit you  who feels the fire  the fear  the fastidious freedom flying further  seeing saying sowing the seeds of a seemingly bright future  guided with heart with heat with honor to you who knows you   Go ahead  i dare you  tamper with the thin threads  throwing off the tempestuous three  taunting you to turn this way when your third eye is screaming to escape  because you can create your own world of play  of make-believe  bestowing upon ourselves the right to look  to swim through the sin  the shit  to better pastures of happiness in us    Some don’t have the choice or the voice to lighten their load  the poor  the people  the sick who were tricked by who   but you have the choice and the voice  to choose the smile  the tears  to let go of the fears and live and love and accept and believe  to see the peace deep in our bodies  to find the light to end our plight of pleading and plotting and rotting inside   let it go let it be  can’t you see can’t you see  this life is you this life is me  is our chance to break the trance of what you see  the facade of me  of we  the popularity of it all in the minds of a society you hold tried and true… and is this you?    a second chance never comes late  fate is fair first and foremost  fortuning upon you  a new day  a new beginning  a first step to a new you few have crossed few have seen and even fewer will do    only you have the key to unlock your dungeon holding the pungent secrets ready to fly  ready to fly high and set free the garden inside  to play  to swing  to slide down the slide and smile and smile and smile

While the winter winters on and the summer struggles through the peace is in you… find it in you…




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Kirsten is a Registered Dietician in training, pursuing certification towards becoming a Registered Dietitian, and a Gluten Free Nutrition Consultant. She has a Bachelors of Science from Illinois State and and a Bachelors of Science from Metropolitan State University of Denver in Human Nutrition and Dietetics.

I was diagnosed w/ Celiac disease in 2010, my goal is to provide a path for healthy living to individuals who are seeking a tailored made lifestyle specific to them and their needs.

I believe that everyone is different, there’s not one diet that can work for everyone. The word Diet, is a short-term concept, let’s change diet into ‘lifestyle change’ instead and think long-term. Make healthier decisions not just today but for the years ahead of us as well. A lifestyle change is a journey not a sprint.

Living the gluten free lifestyle is not an easy one and can be very overwhelming: from grocery shopping and social events, to deglutening your own household. I will help you navigate the gluten-free maze with tips, tricks, humor, healthy recipes and more.

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