What is the Phytonutrient QUERCETIN?

Quercetin is a phytonutrient (a compound found in plants to help protect it) and broken down even more, is called a flavonoid, which help with absorption and metabolism.  They are in foods like quinoa, berries, tea, red wine, onions, and nuts.

Quercetin aids in tissue repair, fights off disease and infection and helps neutralize free radicals that can damage the human body. This powerful phytonutrient also helps to lower cholesterol by reducing LDL concentrations and acts as an anti-inflammatory by stabilizing the cells that release histamines in the body which produce inflammation. Scientists are also studying now the benefits of eating food containing quercetin and the possible benefits of reducing allergies.




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Kirsten is a Registered Dietician in training, pursuing certification towards becoming a Registered Dietitian, and a Gluten Free Nutrition Consultant. She has a Bachelors of Science from Illinois State and and a Bachelors of Science from Metropolitan State University of Denver in Human Nutrition and Dietetics.

I was diagnosed w/ Celiac disease in 2010, my goal is to provide a path for healthy living to individuals who are seeking a tailored made lifestyle specific to them and their needs.

I believe that everyone is different, there’s not one diet that can work for everyone. The word Diet, is a short-term concept, let’s change diet into ‘lifestyle change’ instead and think long-term. Make healthier decisions not just today but for the years ahead of us as well. A lifestyle change is a journey not a sprint.

Living the gluten free lifestyle is not an easy one and can be very overwhelming: from grocery shopping and social events, to deglutening your own household. I will help you navigate the gluten-free maze with tips, tricks, humor, healthy recipes and more.

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