Today’s Quick Rant: Fighting the Celiac Fight!

Putting it mildly, I think it’s absolute bull…. that the FDA plans to pass its guidelines of allowing 20ppm of gluten in glutenfree food. There’s at least 1.8 million Celiac’s in US and the Celiac community needs to take back GF & remind people WE ARE NOT A FAD! With this allowance, our disease is far from being taken seriously. GF was created for us, to be able to enjoy foods we are no longer able to enjoy, yet we still aren’t able to enjoy them. If we don’t lobby now & say, THIS IS NOT OK, we will always be worrying about what might be in our food. Why make food Celiac’s can’t eat? And why as Celiac’s are we ok with this? Because it’s better that nothing? Or because you’re wondering what can ‘I’ do? We create the world we want to live in and and that is always a fight, but a worthy fight it is. The FDA doesn’t allow 20ppm for peanut allergies, why should Celiac Disease be any different? Celiac wasn’t looked at as a ‘real’ disease until 2003, we need to push hard & say 20ppm IS NOT OK! I was sick for too long, just pulling myself out of bed everyday was dang near impossible, I am not about to give up the fight now. I am a warrior princess. Celiac Disease = 0ppm. Sensitivity = 0ppm. People trying to bandwagon = does not apply.

Keep Educating, Keep Spreading the Word. Tell companies we will NOT buy your food unless ppm is 0. Because when the fad is over, who will be left over to buy your food? Us! Lobby the FDA, visit their website, and on twitter, tell them this is not ok. It is our time to demand Safe Food. Get involved. Be part of the solution that creates change.

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