The Scary Truth About Soy Products & the Toxic Solvent Hexane

When is the bottom line truly the bottom for big food companies? In a time when we are trying to eat better to feel better you can’t even count on the word ‘natural’ anymore to mean just that.

Silk Soy Products aren’t ‘natural’ or what you think is natural or Organic anymore, even though that is the reputation the company built itself on. Kind of sad now that Dean Foods acquired them they have thrown all the goodness out for cheaper ingredients made in China, like Hexane, forcing American farmers to jump on the bandwagon or go broke.

And what is Hexane you might ask…Well here’s a few things you need to know.

1. Widely used cheap solvent
2. Used as cleaning solvent and industrial degreaser
3. Can cause damage to nervous system
4. Can cause paralysis to the arms and legs
5. Products used in the home that may contain hexane: some quick-drying glues and cements used in hobbies.
6. Listed as a “hazardous air pollutant” by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
7. Hexane is a byproduct of gasoline refining

This is what Dean Foods is now using to process soybeans. China might not care about its people but we do and cheaper is not better. We as Americans are being duped by what the FDA is allowing to be called ‘natural’ because that is exactly what it allows hexane to be classified under.

Need More Reasons to make sure your soy is 100% Organic?

• “There is no requirement that food companies test their products for hexane residues (including soy-based infant formula).”

“Consumers who purchase common soy products might be exposing themselves (and their children) to residues of the toxic chemical HEXANE — a neurotoxic substance produced as a byproduct of gasoline refining.”

• Shocker: “Products such as Clif Bars with the label “made with organic oats and soybeans” are required by law to have 70% organic ingredients — the remaining 30%, however, can legally be hexane extracted.”

• “Hexane is used to process nearly all conventional soy protein ingredients and edible oils and is prohibited when processing organic foods.”

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