The OMNIPOTENT Celiac Sprue Association Complete with Bad Excuses & Contradictions

Again I preface this by saying THIS IS NOT ABOUT IF YOU CAN OR CANNOT DRINK Omission Beer because it Does or Does not make you sick. Please read my blog post to understand the big picture:

I am extremely disappointed that the Celiac Sprue Association put their Seal of Approval on the Omission barley-made Beer and
thanks to Erin at, yesterday CSA sent a Contradicting Response that has them backtracking, scrambling to update their website and making nonsensical excuses. HIGHLIGHTS are:

  1. Few things in life are risk free.
  2. CSA does not endorse ANY product.
  3. The CSA Recognition Seal Does Not Use the term Gluten-Free.
  4. The CSA Recognition Seal is the highest standard based communication tool currently available to the Celiac Community.

I don’t understand, doesn’t their Seal of Approval on a product mean ENDORSEMENT? Doesn’t their Seal of Approval on a product mean its GLUTEN FREE? And then of course there’s the, life isn’t risk free… so what the hell, try it, if it makes you sick, don’t drink it anymore, that’s our recommendation!

Well done Celiac Sprue, I trust you even more now that you’ve explained the decision behind giving your seal to Omission in such an omnipotent way. (excuse me, but my snarkiness cannot help but seep through the bull)



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    • Molly
    • November 23, 2013

    Thanks for sharing my post. What a mess this whole thing is!

    1. It really is. I think I’m still stunned and would like to know the real reason behind this action. I keep hearing about the future and what will be able to do, maybe… But what about now? I feel like a conspiracy theorist with all te crazy ideas swirling in my head 🙂

    • Sybil Nassau
    • November 22, 2013

    I am very proud to be part of the GIG organization and to share Cynthia Kupper’s remarks to this  entire PR disaster.  I am sharing those remarks with you. Frankly, I believe the GFCO certification labels do mean something, as well as when a restaurant earns the GFRAP designation and no other certification program even comes close.  While it may be true that nothing is without risk, I believe the goal  is to keep risks at a minimum; if anyone chooses to drink this beer at least they do it with knowledge aforethought and not totally blind. Taking the risk IS their personal choice. No different than crossing a busy street against the light, driving while texting, or the other stupid things we do in our lives we shouldn’t do. I think this company is now on notice they better to a better job producing this beer if they want to stay in business.   I just feel badly I gave this beer to some members who tried it without incident, after I was told they used a distillation process that eliminated all the gluten. Evidently, they use an enzyme and no, it doesn’t eliminate all the gluten.   Sybil Nassau Branch Manager GIG of ShorelineEast P.O. Box 957 Westbrook, CT 06498 860-399-3410 (home) 860-395-4354(cell)

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