The NEW Chipotle Ad… What Do YOU Think?

I love Chipotle.  They are one of the responsible companies out there who are going above and beyond to serve the public with healthy, non GMO, fresh food.  Not only that, but every time I go in there, the staff has been always been helpful and nice about meeting my safe gluten free needs.  They always change their gloves when asked and do it with a smile as they call down the line making sure everyone else knows this food coming down cannot be cross contaminated.  I never feel uncomfortable or nervous and I know that what I am eating is top notch.

This video is a LOOK AT US to the rest of the fast food out there, WE ARE DOING IT RIGHT.  Enjoy the video.


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  1. Doing it in a very creative way, it’s good to see Chipotle try to spread awareness about our current food system. As they show near the end of the video, even one person can begin to make a difference. I’m thankful that they’re trying to make a difference by providing a “healthier” fast food option.

    • Janet Rörschåch
    • September 23, 2013

    So, I showed it to my class today, then showed them the Funny or Die parody. We had a discussion about the school’s mission to be advocates of the farm-to-table movement and the good and bad effects mass merchandising can do to that concept.

    • Cheryl Johnson
    • September 23, 2013

    …in today’s fast-paced world it may be a bit long for people to keep watching…but very thought-provoking indeed.

    1. That’s the problem with our food system as well.

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