The American Food System is Poisoning Us. If Mandela Can Stop Apartheid, We Can Change our Food System.

He is an inspiration as to what is possible and what we are capable of accomplishing together as a country.

Mandela wanted to give South Africa freedom and that is exactly what he did.  A 54 year uphill battle that most said could not be done.

Changing and creating a healthy food system in our country has always been a daunting uphill battle. A battle where big business continually seems to win out over the detriment of the consumer.

But there are more of us then there are of them. We choose what we purchase and what we eat. We choose what companies we buy from and those we boycott.

Progress can look like a mound of failures, but we try, we fail, we try again, until we finally succeed. Sometimes the key to making progress is recognizing how to take that very first step…

Here’s a few facts to leave you with:

  • the average person consumes over 60,000 pounds of food over their lifetime
  • 4/5ths of all drugs sold in our country are bought by the meat industry and pumped into the animals we eat that are also fed with GMO feed.
  • GMO salmon is designed to be sterile, grow abnormally, have impaired swimming ability with possible risks to your health & environment.
  • over 94% of corn & soy sold on our country is GMO & 100% beet sugar is GMO. *so if a product you buy has sugar and does not say 100% cane sugar, it is genetically modified.

  • In the last 40 years alone Celiac Disease had quadrupled.


p>Choose to be part of the solution. Help create a better, healthier America.



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