OUTSTANDing Products from EXPO EAST 2013 (part 1)


Natural Products Expo East 2013 gives new, as well as established companies, a chance to showcase their products. I found tons of amazing Natural and Organic companies I can only hope make it into mainstream and onto your family’s dinner table.  Here’s a look at some of my favorite Gluten-Free & Organic products:

**Kinnikinnick comes in at #1. This is the most responsible company I have come across when it comes to not only gluten-free but allergy free.  Plus their food is tasty AND healthy….which as we all know doesn’t happen very often.  They have the Best GF bread n Bagels over any other company I’ve tasted.





Follow Your Heart‘s Vegenaise & Salad Dressings are another big fave.  I have to admit I didn’t want to try their products at first because they are Vegan & Dairy-Free and in my mind I equivocated that with low taste.  But boy was I wrong, they are delicious. Follow Your Heart is also Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, no Preservatives, no Trans Fat, Cholesterol-Free and some are Kosher.  BIG recommendation for ALL their products and Vegenaise is way better than your average mayo.





Green Mustache is a perfect treat for kids and adults alike, plus it’s the perfect size at 10oz.  This product is GMO & Gluten-Free, Organic & Vegan.  There is no added sugar and I love that they use Coconut Water for the added benefits.  Green Mustache is chock full of all the ingredients you would be proud to serve your family or give you the added natural energy your day might need.





Kelapo is the Healthier way to cook & live with their Coconut product line.  I love this coconut cooking spray that is also soy-free.  Their products are super high grade as well as organic.





Udi’s makes the top 5 with their Snicker Doodle Cookies.  I can’t help it, I love them!




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