Now that I have Your Attention Gluten-Free Men… Let’s Raise Awareness!!!

May is Celiac Awareness Month and it’s time to Raise Awareness and Educate around the world. We have the unique opportunity to have a whole month dedicated to us, the Celiac Community.  How are YOU going to Raise Awareness?



Let’s Raise Awareness through the many faces of Gluten Free Men!  I think this is an issue that we rarely hear or read about and needs to be addressed.  Which is why I chose to do a men’s calendarI would like to show the many Faces of Gluten Free Men suffering around the world and that there is help available.

Gluten Free Men inspiring other men to want to live Healthier Lives and Get Tested Early.  The Top Two Diseases that kill most men today are heart disease and cancer; specifically, colon and prostate.

Quest Diagnostics states that, “Celiac Disease impacts both men & women but at this time, it’s diagnosed largely in females…Celiac Disease is most frequently diagnosed in the fourth to fifth decade of life

Prolonged Undiagnosed Celiac Disease can open the doors to 300 other Autoimmune Diseases, as well as, cancer, diabetes and many more.  These diseases are preventable through Nutrition, through Education, through Testing.

Many Men tend to put off going to a doctor until it’s absolutely necessary. Dare I say, like asking for directions… I want to spotlight this campaign on men getting tested earlier than later.

60% of people diagnosed are women because men put it off, they ‘deal’ with their symptoms. This may lead to a worse diagnosis down the road. But if YOU are tested early enough then maybe we can save a few lives Right Now.

Do you feel Healthier since going Gluten-Free? Then share it with the world and show them how sexy being gluten free feels.  It’s time to Make an Impact and Raise Your Voices for a Healthier Living for All.

Show Your Support Today by representing the Many faces of Gluten Free Men. For more information on calendar, submitting photos or sponsoring this unique project go to: GLUTENFREEMEN



For More Information on Celiac Related Illnesses

*If you would like to share your story, please email me at

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