Meet King Gluten Free & follow his Journey Down the Celiac Brick Road

Today, one of the many faces of gluten free men you are going to meet is Jordan Middlebrook.  This guy is quite a hoot and always makes me smile with his tweets, pictures on Instagram and encouraging messages.  He is the self-appointed, King Gluten Free and he absolutely loves pancakes.  Plus, he is one of our Calendar Men.


Meet Jordan Middlebrook:



As far back I could remember i suffered from terrible stomach pains and terrible bathroom breaks after every meal. It was the one constant about me. Terrible stomach aches all the time, and looking back, probably a good helping of anxiety issues were what I dealt with daily.

As far back as I could remember that was my M.O., never faltering. The struggle of just trying to feel good or at least feel normal was always a losing battle. Then, when I was 28 years old, it all came to a head, when for six straight weeks, I was sick. Top to bottom.

Weight fluctuating. Bathroom issues by the bowl full. A terrible time in my life that no doctor or test could figure out. No amount of pill, serum, stomach prodding or sample of every fluid could pin point my issues. Only by a random scope from a specialist was I diagnosed with the disease that would change my life. Might life long partner: Celiac Disease. I was Diagnosed in June 2008 & have been 100% gluten-free since then.

Only after a scope and confirming blood test, could it be proven that I was now a card carrying diagnosed Celiac. Here I was, 28 years old, with one chapter ending and a new one beginning.  I had to learn to eat again and learn what was right for me, because I now knew what was wrong for me: gluten.  Gluten was the poison that fed me so much heartache, possibly affecting me for life.

Now, years later with it under my thumb, Celiac Disease is not in charge of how I feel after a meal. It’s not the one who tells me to shake in front of a crowd. Celiac Disease is the opposite of ‘Baby’ sitting in a corner, while I ride my life the way I want to, not the way Celiac Disease would like me to.

While we may all be different, we can be connected through events, and maybe mine will help you deal with your issues or just give you a laugh.


For more info on Jordan (AKA King Gluten Free)  you can find him:


Twitter  @KingGlutenFree


*If you would like to share your story, please email me at



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    What a great person to feature! They weren’t looking for Celiac and my scope either, so I can completely relate on that front. But I was sure relieved when I was given my Celiac diagnosis. I cannot wait to read more about GF men, and of course, thanks for sharing Jordan Middlebrook (aka: King Gluten Free).

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