Lysine… The Cold Sore Preventer that Really Works!!


Do you get Cold Sores? I did all the time, especially when glutened. That is until 6 months ago when I started taking 2000mg of Lysine everyday.  Knock on wood I have been cold sore free since.  If I do feel like one is coming on, which is generally when I’ve been glutened or my monthly friend is about to come, I up my dose to 5000mg.  So far it’s  working.

Before I started taking Lysine I used mainly a concoction of alcohol and Abreva and with as much Abreva I used, I wish I had stock in the company.  At $20+ a pop, in such a small container, it really starts to add up for someone on a budget.  Lysine has pretty much ended the Abreva buying spree.

Cold sores are the bane of my existence and have ruined more than a few occasions for me.  So anything I can do I will try.  And trust me, this really works.  If you have stories or remedies you would like to share, please leave a comment or email me.

Here’s a more in depth article about Lysine:

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