Go Daddy Hosting ABSOLUTELY SUCKS – Today’s Rant


6 days my hosting and website have been down, as of yesterday, with no end in site & my option? Switch to different hosting company.  Which, I don’t know, sounds like some seriously bad customer service.

Or, I can cancel my existing hosting account with them, PURCHASE a new one (with no regard to the fact that they have cost me 5 days of business, they expect me to pay for their mistake as well), transfer all my files, databases, etc to the new hosting account and it MIGHT work.

So, ok, haha, let me get this straight, Go Daddy wants me to pay for another hosting account, cancel my existing one, do all the work to transfer it over (which I don’t feel comfortable enough yet with computer programming stuff to know that I won’t mess it up and they would have to charge me if I wanted them to do it), and Go Daddy still cannot guarantee me that it will fix the problem.

I have been with Go Daddy for a long time and have used them very often for domains and services, something like this has never happened. Which is why I am so stunned they literally cannot or will not do anything to get my site up and running and then they want to charge me for a shot in the dark. 5 Days. If nothing else, I think that they should concur the costs for me to change to a different hosting company, since it is not by my choice that I have to move my business, it is upon their advice because their system is broken.

Notable Issues

For the first day and a half you were able to access my site, but it was taking a awhile to load. By the middle of the second day thru present time, readers receive these messages in place of my site, “problem with certificate, security issue (always a nice message for visitors to read, especially new ones), over-usage of data, network failure”.  It took two days for Go Daddy to even realize there was a problem, they kept saying that the problem was on my end, I didn’t have enough memory and then I didn’t have enough ram – upgrade upgrade upgrade.

On the 5th day, I was not able to open my website until 3:51pm PST and then only for literally 3 minutes, it was down the rest of the day. A few of my widgets have stopped working, lag time is still incredibly slow and not everything loaded. Transfer time to a new hosting company will take another 1-2 days and $90.  Day 6, the website could not load at all.

Fix the Problem

Go Daddy needs to suck it up, be honest with their customers about what is going on and be willing to cover the costs for completely inconveniencing their loyal customers and causing loss of revenue for parties affected.  If you have ever been on hold, all the rotating message says while you’re waiting is, how happy they are to serve their customers and how customer service is their business.  Except of course in this case, when I really need help and really need customer service to do something or make some sort of amends.

All they say is we will send you an email when it’s fixed, yet 6 days later my website is still not working and they offer no viable option except to move to a different hosting company on my dime.

Thank you for the advice, that is exactly what I have done.

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