GlutenFree Viva Mais Organic Corn Pasta

Normally I don’t eat corn, especially any corn that is made in America because most of all corn sold here is GMO. But, I do love the corn spaghetti from Viva Mais out of Italy. Not only is it glutenfree, it’s also organic and has a great taste that holds up under any type of sauce.

The company states, “we use raw materials naturally gluten-free, but it is also necessary that the product not be contaminated with gluten during all the stages of the production process, from processing to packaging.”

Also here’s a list of what they don’t use, this is straight from their website & translated:

-No pesticides and synthetic pesticides
-No synthetic additives (colourings, preservatives, antioxidants, acidity, thickening agents, emulsifiers and stabilisers, flavourings)
-No hydrogenated fats

Many gluten-free product Probios, where technically possible, offer recipes with health characteristics:
-no milk (and derivatives) and without eggs: making them also suitable for allergic diseases, and reduce the fat and calories.
-No yeast or yeast-free of any kind: to make them suitable to other allergic diseases.
-without palm oil (replaced by sunflower oil): to decrease the content of saturated fat.
-no added fat: to lower the fat and calories.
-sugar-white (with brown sugar, corn syrup): to decrease the content of simple sugars and calories.
-unsalted or low-salt: to decrease the sodium content.
-with flours: to increase the fibre content.
-with cereal flours alternative to rice and corn (with buckwheat, millet, quinoa, amaranth): to vary the diet and increase fiber content.

-report on the label the origin of agricultural raw materials: increased transparency to the consumer.
-Research of raw materials from Italy: less CO2 emissions, greater guarantees of supply chain traceability.
-Research of raw materials come from Fairtrade (cocoa, sugar): to ensure social and economic equity.
-packs recyclable material information to consumers in order to better achieve the recycling.

All in all Viva Mais seems like one of the more responsible companies out there, it is a shame more do not follow suit. Note that their website is all in Italian, but there are plenty of handy dandy translator apps out there at your disposal.

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  1. I couldn’t resist commenting. Well written!

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