Domino’s Pizza is NOT SAFE Gluten Free Eating

This article highlighted in their recipe section infuriates me and is severely irresponsible,

“Made from brown and white rice flour, tapioca flour and wholegrain corn flour, this pizza is a safe option for any coeliacs or gluten-free eaters”

In what Celiac’s world would this be a safe option? Here is the short blurb they published:

What Dominos says about their gluten free pizza:

Craving a slice of pizza but want a gluten-free option?
Now you can join in with the rest of the cool crowd with the new Domino’s gluten-free base pizza.

Made from brown and white rice flour, tapioca flour and wholegrain corn flour, this pizza is a safe option for any coeliacs or gluten-free eaters.

Domino’s Pizza’s General Manager Josh Kilimnik says the gluten-free bases offer pizza lovers a healthy option which doesn’t compromise on taste.

“With its use of quality sunflower oil, the base recipe is flavoursome while using an unsaturated fat,” he says.

These pizzas are now available at every Domino’s Pizza, ready for your next night out.



What Domino’s Has to Say

Dominos Pizza came out with their gluten-free pizza last year and there has been quite a bit of buzz about it, in and out of the GF community. Dominos has been very honest that their GF is not by any means safe to eat for the Celiac Community or people with Gluten-Sensitvity, they make this very clear on their website.

Here is a direct quote:

Gluten is present in Domino’s Hand Tossed Dough. After stretching the dough, small gluten particles could remain on the pizza maker’s hands, which then touch the cheese and toppings and could transfer to these ingredients. Due to the handcrafted nature of Domino’s products and because stores do not have a separate gluten free area in the kitchen, a possibility for gluten exposure can occur. As such, pizza made with Domino’s Gluten Free Crust is not recommended for customers with celiac disease.

As per their last line, I would not recommend Dominos pizza for anyone with any level of gluten sensitivity.

Be Responsible

Now, I don’t agree w/ Dominos putting out a glutenfree pizza that glutenfree people cannot eat, this just perpetuates the ‘fad’ thinking. But, I also don’t agree with for publishing an article that’s obviously not true. People read this article thinking it is coming from a trusted source, so they try the pizza and then get sick. You would think that MSN NZ would do a little bit more research before posting what they believe those with Celiac Disease can and can’t eat. I’m available if you need someone 🙂

Let’s not leave out the individual who thinks it is safe to eat this pizza without doing the proper research and educating themselves. I always tell people Read Labels, if you cannot read labels then ask questions; if you do not get the answer you are looking for, then don’t eat it.

Gluten free individuals who need to be gluten free, know the right questions to ask; educate yourself and those around you. Do not order blindly off a menu trusting that the complete stranger who is preparing your food will be knowledgable about what celiac-safe food is or what cross contamination means. 

There is a ton of misinformation out there and restaurants get mixed messages about what glutenfree is; watch for the restaurants trying to make a buck and using the little  ‘GF’s to do it.  

It can all be extremely frustrating, yet we have come a long way in just the last few years. We need to work together to keep educating those around us and the individual needs to be responsible for educating themselves and knowing what questions need to be asked.

Educate & Be Aware

For more information about Dominos check out:

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    • Kami
    • August 2, 2013

    Don’t forget about the people IgE allergic to wheat! No way could this be safe for them. My 4 y/o is not Celiac but is allergic to wheat. IMO it is scary they even market this!

    1. Yeh it is scary and there is no reason for it. I applaud Chuck E Cheese as the company for having celiac-safe pizza

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