Lead Sources In Your Home

Lead may be in more everyday items than most of us realize, especially imported Items like:

  • cosmetics
  • lead solder on cans if not handled and treated properly
  • ink on storage bags
  • candles
  • toys
  • the water we drink

Here is a small excerpt from Seattle Organic Restaurants on Lead:

Lead is poison for the body and dysfunctions some important enzymes. Lead is reactive with sulfur & selenium, which renders the body unable to protect itself from free radicals. Toxic amounts of lead can cause severe damage to kidneys, liver, heart and nervous system. When lead enters the blood, the body can’t distinguish lead from calcium and it stores lead like calcium in bones. The body of pregnant women and small children absorbs more calcium and lead than other people.



List of 400 lipsticks w/Lead



Babies & Lead


Here is a segment from Parents.com:

“Experts have known for more than a century that exposure to lead damages the developing brains of young children. Despite the fact that lead paint was banned from the market in 1978, one quarter of all homes in this country still have unsafe lead levels, according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Thirty-eight million homes have at least some lead paint.”


For More Detailed List of Lead Sources Please Visit:



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