Do You Belong to a Celiac Disease Support Group?

Do you belong to a Celiac Disease Support Group? I didn’t until I decided to join the local Los Angeles Chapter of the Celiac Disease Foundation. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but I was keeping an open mind. Our first outing turned out to be a hike to the Hollywood sign on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Everyone has their own path to walk their shoes in, sometimes though, it is nice to know that you are not alone. I met lots of new people from all walks of life, each with their own personal story; expressing not only the frustrations, but the joys of finally being healthy and living gluten free. I learned new food tips and recipes, safe restaurants I hadn’t heard of, shared ideas about the future of Celiac and enjoyed a few laughs.

When you are struggling through an illness that no one can see, sometimes it is hard for family and friends to be as sympathetic as you would like them to be. They can’t fully understand the implications of what you are up against day in and day out; it gets tiring put on a brave face all the time. It’s nice having other people around to talk to who don’t think that you are crazy. Plus, all of your knowledge may just be what someone else needs to get them through the day.

If your town or city doesn’t have its own celiac chapter or support group, think about starting one, chances are there are people just like you thinking the same thing.

Change starts one person at a time.

For your local chapter, contact:

– Celiac Disease Foundation

Cel-Kids Network

#RaisingOurCeliacKids – @ROCKFairfldcty (twitter)

– American Celiac Disease Alliance

– Gluten Intolerance Group

– National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

– Celiac Sprue Association


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    • Heather Ann Martinez
    • September 24, 2014

    There aren’t any celiac disease support groups in my area. I would very much like to join one in the western suburbs of Chicago if anyone knows of one. There was one that met at Whole Foods in Wheaton, IL years ago but that disbanded.

    1. Reply

      I will ask around. So is Wheaton closest to you? I’m from Chicago, born n raise on the north side near wrigley. Now I live in LA 🙂 brrrr

      • Michael
      • October 5, 2014

      I used to be in the Wheaton support group under Sueson. I have been in the CSA group in Aurora, but dropped out due to one harassing unsupportive person, who has been driving away the women I relate to as well. My diagnosing doctor wanted me to start a GF support group on the other side of Aurora. I might consider that.

      There is a monthly GF gathering at the Naperville Whole Foods, which is hosted by the consierge (who “cheats”. Yeah I’m tired of those non-celiac casual GF drop-ins, too.)

      All of the GIG groups that I went to all over the suburbs died out.

      You can ask Sueson about me, Michael Moore.

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