Cocoa Vanilla Martini

Happy Hump Day!  Today I decided to go with a middle of the week, super tasty, cocoa nutritional martini… kind of an oxymoron I know but what the heck.

Nutritionally speaking, high quality cocoa is a true treasure filled with disease fighting antioxidants that can benefit any diet. Cocoa also contains certain phytochemicals that trigger endorphins and serotonin, which lead to the release of dopamine; the hormones responsible for creating a head in the clouds, calming sexual energy.


 After a long day filled with slacking colleagues, an angry boss and a headache that encapsulates my whole body; I look forward to relaxing on my balcony with a fresh cocktail laced with unexpected cocoa nutrition. The added bonus of the overall calmness cocoa adds is a peaceful serenity compared to my stressful job that drives me everyday.

 Cacao beans mixed with fresh cacao pulp have been a fermentable treat enjoyed by Aztecs, Mayans and modern day enthusiasts like myself. In my opinion, mixing nutrition with a little bit of fun is never a bad thing, especially in moderation. This is one of my favorite cocktails to come home and relax to. The fact that there are healthy benefits to this delightful deliciousness makes me smile a little bigger and enjoy it a little more.

 Adding a little cocoa to your meal, dessert or cocktail not only holds plenty of positive benefits, it also can add a little adventure to an unadventurous recipe.


Cocoa Vanilla Martini




1 tsp Organic Unsweetened Cocoa Powder for glass rim + extra sprinkle for top

1 tsp Simple syrup

½ oz Chocolate liqueur

1½ oz. Chopin Vodka (I like Chopin because it is made from potatoes)

1 oz Organic half n half

1 Capful of Vanilla Extract 



Dip the rim of each glass in simple syrup, and then in organic cocoa powder. Fill tin with ice, combine pinch of cocoa powder, vodka, chocolate liqueur, half n half and vanilla. Shake tin hard for approx. 20 seconds and pour into rimmed prepared glass and top with an extra pinch of cocoa.

Get ready for the YUM!

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