Celiac Disease Symptoms: An Infographic from The Gluten Dude


This is a great resource for anyone that might have Celiac or Gluten Sensitivity. There are many symptoms associated w/ the disease and you may have just a few or a great number of them at any given time, depending what and how much gluten you ingest.

It doesn’t happen very often anymore that I get glutened, but it does happen and can take on different forms depending on the source and amount. Having the knowledge, even after diagnosis, can help you make better decisions, figure out why you might still be getting sick, or just pass on education to those around you.

‘Hidden Wheat’ is everywhere and something I consistently try to make people aware of. For example, after being glutenfree for over a year, I was having gluten symptoms and remained ill. I couldn’t figure out what the cause was until I realized my multi-vitamin was the evil culprit. It hadn’t occurred to me to check my vitamins, why would there be wheat in vitamins? Well, it turns out the company used cheaper ingredients and wheat as a filler for their tablets. Lesson learned. As diligent as we all try to be leading a glutenfree life, there are many dangers out there that we might not be completely unaware of.

What I always say is, Read All Labels. If you can’t read labels then ask questions. If you cannot get the answers then do not eat it. Those of us that suffer know what the end result will be.


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Living the gluten free lifestyle is not an easy one and can be very overwhelming: from testing to grocery shopping, to eating out and deglutening your own household, I am here to walk you through the process from beginning to end.  With tips, tricks, humor, healthy recipes and sometimes just an understanding ear, I will guide you seamlessly through.

I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2010, so I understand completely the trials and tribulations of living gluten free.


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