A Round of Applause & a Thank You for Gluten-Free Men

It is almost May and the Many Faces of Gluten Free Men calendar is wrapping up.  I want to thank everyone for your participation, confidence & support. I also want to thank you for having the courage to tell your story to raise Men’s Health Awareness.

Some of you have never shared your story before but have chosen to share it now with the hopes it can help more out there suffering.  Change starts one person at a time and if your stories help even a few out there to get tested or change their lifestyle, then we have succeeded.

Over the next 5 weeks I will continue to feature two men a week along with their gluten free journeys. Many had been sick for years before being diagnosed or choosing gluten-free, a couple were on their last legs and counting the days. Join me tomorrow to meet Jordan Middlebrook, King Gluten Free.

With this calendar let’s RAISE AWARENESS for Men’s Health and Raise Money for Celiac & Gluten Issues in Schools.  Education starts with nurses, teachers, social workers & in the cafeteria. If they can learn to identify the signs & symptoms earlier, the chance is greater that more children will be saved from unnecessary suffering in the future.

Calendars will be available soon and PROCEEDS will go to School Awareness.for our children.

  • Education presentations for school nurses

style=”color:rgb(0,0,0);”>Educational literature for school nurses to distribute to families

  • Mental Health & Anti-Bullying Program
  • Gluten-Free School Lunch Program
  • <spanEveryday we stand strong in the face of adversity we call Celiac Disease.  I am asking you now to stand strong together to support the Men who need our help and the future of our children.



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