Short Video of Dr Alessio Fasano on Celiac Disease

At the beginning of June I attended the Celiac Disease Foundation Conference and had the pleasure of meeting and hearing Dr. fasano speak for the first time, he is remarkable.

Dr. Fasano is world renowned pediatric gastroenterologist and research scientist and founder of the Center for celiac research at Mass General, which is the leading treatment center for gluten relater disorders.

He is also wildly funny in the way he educates, brilliant and is akin to the Willy Wonka of the Celiac world.  Unfortunately he only had 45 minutes to speak, but I could have listened to him all afternoon.

His new book, Gluten Freedom, is available now and all proceeds go to Celiac research, which is pretty impressive.  I highly recommend the book if you are looking for any information on gluten, gluten disorders, Celiac, coping methods, shared stories, diagnosis or living the gluten free lifestyle.  Even though it has some technical language, it is very easy to read, with the most up to date information & studies, and I use if often as a reference guide.

Here is a short video I caught of him speaking, please excuse some of the bad filming and the siting of my feet.




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  1. Lucky you! I would have loved to see him!

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  2. The sound quality was so poor i couldn’t understand a word. Is there a way you could clean it up and resend please? I am fascinated that he is so young and passionate about gluten

    1. Yes I know it is not the greatest but there are plenty of videos from him that are longer with better sound on youtube, just type in his name.


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