TOP 10 Annoying Things this Celiac will Hear at the Holiday Dinner Table


The holidays are difficult enough being gluten free, but dealing with family on top of it can be downright overwhelming.


1. Just go on and eat some of your grandma’s bread honey, you don’t want to hurt her feelings do you?

2. Why does she get to have her own table of food, that’s not fair!!

3. What’s this gluten stuff everyone is talking about? Can it help with my arthritis?

4. Dr. Oz says you’re not suppose to eat gluten free to lose weight, you’re already small enough, have some of grandma’s bread.

5. Eh, I hear this gluten free stuff is just another way for companies and ‘the man’ to scare America and make more money off us. It’s all in your head.

6. You are too thin dear, are you sure this gluten free diet is what the doctor says you should do?

7. Why can’t you eat the stuffing or the gravy or the green bean casserole?  Eat it and let’s see what happens.

8. I would die if I couldn’t eat grandma’s bread anymore.

9. You’re just trying to be the center of attention.

10. And then finally someone will say, ‘everyone just leave her alone to eat what she wants, she looks and feels better than most of you so she is obviously doing something right.’

Ah, good times around the dinner table that some of you might be going through as well. Stay strong, be healthy and do what is best for you regardless of what people say.

*Please feel free to add your own in the comment section below!!!

Happy Holidays

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  1. That was a great list – I always hear “just scrape off what you can’t eat”. Then they send home the dogie bag with gluten and gluten-free all on the same plate. My husband then has to eat it all or it gets thrown out. People are creatures of habit and since they have never had to separate gluten from non-gluten, they don’t think to do it when I am around.

  2. I have heard almost all of these comments! I was sick for over 30 years before they figured it out and it was my Chiro, not my Gastro!! I just ignore the comments anymore because I hear so often now from associates; your skin looks so young now. You have so much energy, and my favoite; I am 68 years old and I just had a date with a 55 year old man who says I look and act younger than him… I feel wonderful and have now for almost 8 years.
    I especially like Jacqueline’s comments, because I had those same symptoms and they are GONE.

    1. Haha, that’s brilliant Carolyn and an inspiration to is all. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Every year my family gets more and more use to it and I hope to be leading by example for the rest of my family who should also seriously be considering going gluten free. But I am sure to hear some goodies this evening.

  4. Haha, this is classic!!

  5. I’m showing this to the two GF people at my table.

  6. This is a great list. Although I haven’t heard many of these, I think my family is used to it now. The one that gets me the most is that gluten intolerance/gluten sensitivity isn’t real. Although not formally diagnosed with celiac I have all the symptoms and I am diagnosed with an extreme gluten sensitivity and I’ve done tons of research that says it is real and well I can tell by the difference in my health. The reality is that some people will never understand.

  7. The holidays have always been a time when I have to defend my dietary choices to the relatives. As a health conscious 30 year vegetarian I have heard all these and more. My all-time favorite is: “can’t you just pick it off?”. Enjoy your family gatherings!!! Looking forward to a more enlightened 2015!

  8. I hear that about my 15 year old daughter as well, “maybe she’s anorexic and she’s using this gluten free thing as an excuse not to eat, she is a teenager.”

  9. When I eat gluten, I experience abdominal pain for hour or days, itching/hives/bumps, chronic canker sores, uncontrollable eye-watering, loss of hair, and digestive issues to name a few things. It isn’t worth pleasing everyone else to wait for these things to pass, to feel good again.

  10. “Oh you are just allowing your child to be extremely picky and are spoiling him.” Son has multiple food allergies wheat and soy being the worst ones.

  11. Gotta add this one as well and the scariest to me, “I made this gluten free for you.”

  12. Great list! I heard this one last year, “so is your stomach fat now because you ate gluten?” Unfortunately it wasn’t, it was because I was just fat, lol. Happy Holidays gal.

  13. “So what happens to ya when you eat gluten?”

    1. So go ahead and tell them. They won’t ask again. 😉


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